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For gift ideas and drinks to impress, get into the ‘Spirit’ of Christmas with!

From fine spirits and rare liqueurs, to drinks cabinet essentials and value drinks for events, Outin Drinks has something for every occasion and every taste!

If you are after a gift or something to impress Christmas visitors, why not pick something from our Exclusive Range? Drinks ideal for Christmas include:

Miodula Honey Vodka Liqueur (£26.99)
Based on an 18th Century spirit, Miodula is a unique honey vodka spirit distilled with meticulous attention to detail. Production of the hand-bottle and oak-aged spirit is restricted to around 4000 bottles by the limited nature of the unique ingredients used, including:
- Wild honey collected from the Wisla mountains, used exclusively for Miodula
- A secret blend of herbs and spices found in the Wisla mountains
Miodula is the only spirits brand ever to be presented with the prestigious Teraz Polska award. This award is presented by the Polish Government to only the highest quality products in Poland.

Apsinthion Absinthe Grand De Luxe (£33.99)
A limited edition super-premium 68% abv absinthe for connoisseurs of the finest spirits and liqueurs. Uniquely for the absinthe market, the spirit is aged in oak barrels, and tenderly matured, resulting in a limited production of just 1000 bottles/year. Still made by hand using the traditional Polish methods of the early 18th century, featuring the finest selections of Artemisis Absinthium (Wormwood), coriander and a peppermint herb distillate. Also available in standard 55% abv ‘De Luxe’ form.

Orchid Fresh Fruit Liqueurs (£14.99)
The UK’s only range of premium fresh fruit liqueurs. The vodka-based liqueurs are available in 4 flavours - mango, passion fruit, guava and lychee. Each flower-bud shaped frosted bottle contains around 30% real fruit, and immense effort has gone into ensuring a perfect blend. The Orchid Mango, for example, contains mangos from India, Pakistan, Thailand and Bangladesh. At around 15% abv, they are also very light to drink. Add to sparkling wine for a fantastic bellini or mix with lemonade for a deliciously fruity cocktail!

Voyant Chai Cream Liqueur (£15.99)
The world’s first real tea based cream liqueur, made from rum, fresh Dutch cream, rich black tea and a completely natural blend of spices used to make traditional Indian tea (aka Chai). With Christmas being the biggest selling period for cream liqueurs, Voyant is likely to be the most deliciously unique liqueur this season. Whatsmore, it’s already achieved massive success in America, with sales of over 250,000 bottles in the last year!

Mainstream Spirits and Wine at a great price!
Aside from the Exclusive Range, Outin Drinks also stock a wide range of premium and everyday spirit brands also at some of the best prices on the internet.
You will also find a range of exclusive and award winning wines and champagne to take to parties and enjoy with your Christmas festivities!

Having a party? Check out our Budget Brands
Whether you are having a party or need a simple spirit to make cocktails with, there are occasions when paying extra for a recognised brand just isn't essential. From vodka to brandy and wine, we’ve put together a comprehensive range of drinks to ensure your budget isn’t overly stretched.

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