Forget Santa Claus, the ‘Green Fairy’ has a special treat for adults this Christmas with the Apsinthion Absinthe Drinkers Pack!

This Christmas adults can enjoy the full absinthe drinking experience thanks to a free ‘absinthe spoon’ with every bottle of Apsinthion De Luxe absinthe!

Absinthe is commonly referred to as the ‘Green Fairy’ thanks to its mystical green colour; seeing as the kids have Santa Claus , why shouldn’t adults have their own magical character to look forward too! The traditional absinthe experience requires the use of a special absinthe spoon to prepare the drink. Often hard to come by and expensive, these intricately designed spoons have been included free with every bottle of Apsinthion De Luxe bought at Sainsbury’s nationwide.

Apsinthion Drip (the traditional Polish method)


- 50ml Apsinthion De Luxe
- 50ml ice cold water
- 2 sugar cubes


- a tumbler
- absinthe spoon


- Place 2 sugar cubes on a traditional absinthe spoon, and slowly pour the Apsinthion over the sugar into the absinthe glass.
- Carefully light the soaked sugar cubes and wait until the sugar has melted.
- Pour the water over the spoon so that some of the sugar dissolves into the glass.
- Drop remaining sugar into the glass allow to dissolve naturally as you drink it.

About Apsinthion De Luxe

Apsinthion De Luxe is a premium 55% abv absinthe hand-made by Toorank Distilleries in Poland using only the finest selections of wormwood, coriander and peppermint herb distillate. The intriguing spirit is made according to an original 18 century Polish formula, with a unique blend of herbs gathered from high in the Wisla Mountains. In recognition of this quality, Apsinthion De Luxe was awarded the Gold Medal and Best in Class at the International Wine & Spirits Competition in 2005. At 55%abv, De Luxe is for connoisseurs of the finest spirits and liqueurs, who will appreciate the complex flavours and quality.

With hundreds of years of tradition blended with the finest ingredients, Apsinthion De Luxe delivers a smooth, award-winning taste to sip away on as the winter nights draw nearer!

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Notes to editors:

• Apsinthion De Luxe Christmas Pack(55% abv) is available for £17.19 from Sainsbury’s and good independent retailers nationwide
• Also available online from (excluding the absinthe spoon)

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Apsinthion History

Apsinthion's own story began over 200 years ago. Absinthe is said to have been created by Pierre Ordinaire, a French doctor, in 1792 for medicinal purposes. It is believed that the absinthe recipe arrived shortly after in Poland. After Gerhard von Blucher's (Field Marshall of Prussia) last battle at Waterloo in 1815, he returned to his farm in Prussia (Poland). From one of his French prisoners he brought with him the recipe which is now used for Apsinthion De Luxe Absinthe.