Professor James Wren, Of Baylor University Releases Book and Recommends ExhibitView Presentaton Software, Use of Technology in Law Schools and in the Courtroom

"Proving Damages To The Jury", a new book just released, James Publishing, 2012 by Baylor Law School Trial Advocacy Professor James Wren. Wren promotes the use of technology in the courtroom and cites ExhibitView as his recommended tool for Attorneys.

(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 14, 2012) Waco, Texas – ExhibitView presentation software now used in many law schools around the country finds its way in Baylor University Law School classroom. Thanks to James Wren, Baylor Law School Trial Advocacy Professor who finds the software simple to use in classrooms and courtrooms. Professor Wren is an advocate for the use of technology in law schools and during jury trials. In his new book "Proving Damages to The Jury," to be released this year, he cites ExhibitView presentation software (

Baylor University Law School implemented the ExhibitView Law School Program. In an interview with GroupWeb Radio ( he was asked about the program, the Professor responded by saying, “This last fall we gave our students the option to use ExhibitView as part of that process. It worked well for the students who chose to use it.”

While technology can be sometimes intimidating to older generations, Professor Wren believes that it is a good to thing to introduce it in law schools when students are still young and can easily adapt:

“Well, they’re young, and this is the best time to learn. When law schools make it natural to incorporate technology into the trial process, it becomes natural to use that technology in practice. I’m convinced this gives our students a real advantage over lawyers who shy away from the use of trial technology because they don’t know how to use it. We want to turn out lawyers who already understand what it takes to get a case ready for trial. “

Trial technology in law school classrooms, such ExhibitView presentation software, prepares young lawyers to meet the demand of juries who are quick to understand visual presentations than talking lawyers. Professor Wren agrees when he adds “Jurors today expect more than talking heads. They expect to see and to understand for themselves. It’s like the difference between radio and TV. I’ll listen to a ballgame on the radio if there’s no TV around, but I understand a whole lot more about the game when I can see it, not just hear it. Jurors are the same way. It takes trial technology to make that happen.”

Professor Wren could have mentioned another software in his book. When asked why he recommended ExhibitView, he emphatically responded: “I wrote Proving Damages to the Jury to help trial lawyers win their damages cases. Trial presentation software is a key part of that, obviously where our courtrooms are headed. I’ve found ExhibitView to be easy to learn, and so I’ve said exactly that in my book.”

Professor’s recommendation of the presentation software in his book only affirms the growing usages of ExhibitView program in many law schools around the country. Bill Roach, Vice President and Customer Relations Manger of ExhibitView Solutions says, “To date the program has been growing exponentially with new schools coming on board weekly. Currently, the lineup includes UGA, University of Georgia Law School, Barry University School of Law, Baylor University School of Law, Cumberland School of Law, Harvard Law School, Southern University Law Center, The University of Texas School of Law, Wake Forest University Law School, and Washburn University School of Law among others.”

ExhibitView 4.2 PC and iPad support many forms of electronic evidence, including PDF documents, SlideMaker Slides, various image files, audio/video and web pages. The company also offers online tutorials, and live, interactive training sessions weekly, Tuesday’s at 2pm – all free of charge. A brief, two-minute overview of the product can be found at: .

About “Proving Damages to the Jury”
“Proving Damages to the Jury” is published by James Publishing. For more information on how to order Professor Wren’s book, go to and click on Recent Releases.

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