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Smoulder Eyes, original bestseller, £10

Cult British brand Frontcover is holding an exclusive sale of its “Most Wanted” collectors’ items on the Frontcover site

Frontcover is renowned for its limited edition products, which regularly sell out, changing hands at higher than face value prices on Ebay. To celebrate the launch of its new web store,, Frontcover has decided to take the handful of remaining sought after products out of the archives and make them available to Frontcover fans. These vintage kits are the sets that sold out across the UK and were hunted down on Facebook and sold on Ebay for £50, almost double the RRP.

The brand’s first five Most Wanted are Style Queen, Brush Works, A Billion Stars and Air Kiss, all from 2011, and Smoulder Eyes, from Frontcover Cosmetics’ launch collection in 2008. There really are only a few of each so hurry! And keep your eyes peeled for further releases…

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