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Frontcover Cosmetics Founders Announce Departure From Brand

Liz Wilkinson and Michelle Hoines-White

Frontcover Cosmetics Founders Liz Wilkinson and Michelle Hoines-White Announce Departure From Brand For New Venture

Frontcover Cosmetics was created by Liz Wilkinson and Michelle Hoines-White and launched in 2008 in the UK exclusively in Boots stores where it was an immediate, sell out success. In May 2013 a major US investor was brought into the business as the majority shareholder and in March 2014 Liz and Michelle completed their exit from the business, leaving their brand riding high in 17 countries with the world’s biggest beauty retailer, Sephora.

Renowned beauty blogger and journalist Jane Cunningham ( was an early adopter of the brand and says, "It's hard to believe how Frontcover has blossomed! Liz Wilkinson and Michelle Hoines-White spotted early on a need for affordable and effective make-up that women would understand how to use from the get-go. Boxed up as an entire kit, complete with instructions. Frontcover paved the way with the concept of attainable beauty looks. The beauty industry is very crowded right now, but Liz and Michelle used their creativity to retain a unique and user-friendly perspective within the market - the reason Frontcover is now in 17 countries in Sephora stores across the world."

Inevitably the kits were plagiarised but the copies invariably missed the point of the importance of getting the trend absolutely right and then delivering the look with the highest quality products. The Spring/Summer 2014 collection currently on sale represents the last Frontcover range created by Liz and Michelle, who say, “We’re always looking for a potential gap for a new innovation and the landscape has changed vastly from when we first launched Frontcover. We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped us to grow a small British brand and put it on the international map and we’re excited about showcasing our new project in due course.”

Frontcover Cosmetics will be integrated into the US investor’s global cosmetic business and the brand managed from their L.A. headquarters.

Liz and Michelle are now working on a new cosmetics concept and are in discussion with several top beauty retailers about its introduction in 2015.

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