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For Immediate release 5 March 2013

TRAVELLERS using off-site ‘Meet & Greet’ parking services at Heathrow Airport are paying an estimated GBP2.3m¹ extra each year because of additional flat fees imposed by BAA – enough to buy Britons more than 4,000 extra trips abroad².

The hike in fees adds GBP5.60 to the parking costs of every customer using Meet & Greet services, unless they are using Heathrow’s Official Valet Parking Service at the airport, adding 12% to the typical cost of the cheapest Meet & Greet services according to travel extras specialist With thousands of people trying to save money as they head overseas for the Easter break at the end of this month, it is yet another cost to consider.

The change, implemented at the height of the summer holidays, has boosted the total amount customers using these services will pay...

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