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Gourmet Gadgetry

With a passion for fine dining and entertaining in style Gourmet Gadgetry are renowned for producing creative cookware electricals for the home. ‘Fun Food Gadgets’ make the perfect gift for those who like to have fun in the kitchen, host parties or are celebrating a special occasion. This innovative range of cookware appliances encourages it’s users to bring out their creative side and allow them to have fun experimenting with their culinary

Christmas Gift Ideas:


Retro Diner Stick Snack Maker-

Bake sweet or savoury snacks on sticks in minutes, great for parties or a tasty treat alternative, try hot dogs, jalapeno poppers, cakes, waffles or pizza on a stick! Add a touch of excitement to your kitchen and impress guests by
creating their favourite snack on a stick! A fabulous machine for baking warm and delicious treats, party foods or snacks for all to...

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