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Grangewood Fencing

The reaction follows a new report which states that homeowners are being encouraged to cut holes in their garden fences, in order to allow hedgehogs to pass through. A spokesperson from Grangewood Fencing Supplies provides a statement.

Homeowners are being encouraged to cut holes in their fences, so that hedgehogs can travel from one garden to another with ease. Hedgehog numbers are dwindling across the UK, but environmentalists believe that a CD sized hole in a garden fence would allow the hedgehogs to roam freely, helping them as they forage for food and meet mates for breeding.

The hedgehog population is said to be declining by 3 per cent every year, and some people are claiming that smaller gardens are to blame. “Because we are making our gardens so small now, it helps if we can make a small hole in our fences to create a ‘street’, for hedgehogs to travel from one garden to another,” said Sue Kidger, a volunteer with the British Hedgehog...

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