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End of season winners in the G&P Charity Football Predictions League

With free to play entry, 142 people took part in the G&P Football Predictions League this season helping to raise over £600 for a wide range of charities with monthly and end of season winners. Each week, 10 football fixtures were selected by Graphics and Print covering that weekends football across a selection of English leagues. The fixtures were emailed to the participants who simply predicted; Home win, Away win or Draw, one point awarded for each correct prediction.

Our overall winner scoring over 200 points is Chris Malton, winning £100 for himself and £150 for his chosen charity, Abbie’s Army. Runner-up Jake Upward wins £50 and a £100 donation to Prostate Cancer UK. Jake narrowly held off Sam Hutton who collects £25 and donates £25 to Ovarian Cancer Action, while Steven Walmsley, often closest to toppling Chris, finishes fourth picking up £25 and £25 for Cancer UK. The final winning position is a tie between Andrew Broadhurst and Jon “Slash” Felfoldi, and will be decided by their prediction of the timing of the opening goal in the FA Cup final with the £25 to the winner plus a donation to their chosen charity. Kev Barker was our monthly winner for April, his chosen charity is Help For Heroes, just holding off his closest rivals.

At Graphics and Print we are truly proud to have played a part in helping all these and more charities throughout the season in such a fun way. A big thank you to all those who participated and to our own Mike Hutton for his vision and energy.

All final placing’s can be seen on our blog

To get involved with The World Cup edition for this summer and next seasons Football Predictions League keep an eye on our website or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

For further details and press contact speak to Mike Hutton 07792092225 or Simon Blenkin 07984586533.