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Know which city is the best in the world? The EIU wants you to prove it to win $10,000


31st JANUARY 2012

Economist Intelligence Unit and BuzzData launch competition challenging data-savvy readers to analyse and rank the world’s cities


The EIU’s Global City Liveability Index ranks 140 cities worldwide based on factors such as stability, healthcare, education and infrastructure. Its data-driven analysis sparks debate on urban issues globally. Its Worldwide Cost of Living Index uses the prices of products and services to compare the cost of living in 140 world cities.

Now the EIU wants to hear your views on what makes a city great. Is it considering the right factors? In your opinion, which ones has it overlooked? In a gesture of openness, the EIU is releasing its liveability and cost of living data on and challenging anyone to mine, mix and mash it up to create fresh perspectives on what makes a city truly great.

The winner will receive $10,000 for proving where the best city in the world is using data and a visualisation.

The Best City in the World competition launches January 31, 2012, when the EIU will release two datasets on BuzzData:

* its renowned liveability index for 140 cities around the world
* its cost-of-living index for the same cities

Contestants are challenged to create a new liveability index that determines the best city in the world, using these datasets plus any additional data sources they wish to use (see Contest Rules for information on using additional data). Contestants are also required to create a visualization of the new index they’ve created.

The EIU and BuzzData will be accepting submissions for its Best City in the World competition until March 4, 2012. Submission guidelines and further details can be found at



Press inquiries and other questions can be sent to



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Best City in the World Contest Submission Guide:


1. “EIU’s Global City Liveability Index”:

2. “Worldwide Cost of Living Index”: