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Mainland Europe can be an expensive place for British motorists to breakdown claims roadside rescue service Green Flag. The company estimates that a holidaymaker experiencing car trouble on the continent could be out of pocket to the tune of £1,200.

In fact Green Flag, which offers comprehensive European cover for UK motorists, singles out Austria as the most expensive place in Europe to have a vehicle breakdown.

In a survey of European garages by Green Flag, Austria was found to have the highest call-out charges for assisting stranded motorists at an average cost of £75 (€110). Next up on the list of countries to avoid having a breakdown is in Ireland followed by Germany at around £67 (€100) for each country. Then it’s Italy with £65 (€95) while Spanish charged the least for a call-out at £38 (€55).

The distance the initial call-out charge covered also varied greatly...

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