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Agile Designer™-TMX - a test automation breakthrough

Automation engines exist but teams often find that the time spent manually preparing and maintaining automated test scripts outweighs the time saved executing them. Agile Designer™-TMX solves this common problem.

“There are many very good automation engines but automation is still a bottleneck for testing teams,” explains Huw Price, managing director of Grid-Tools, “test scripts still need to be written manually or recorded, often in an ad hoc manner, and are usually based on unwieldy requirements documentation.

“When a change request is made, testing costs and delays quickly mount, as all existing test cases have to be verified and updated by hand. TMX tackles that issue head on.”
Agile Designer™-TMX has been designed to maximize the value of existing technologies and reduce automated test failure, by automatically creating test scripts (no coding or re-recording is required), linked to the right data and expected results.

These tests can be executed in virtually any automation engine, including Selenium, HP UFT (QTP), Ranorex, IBM Rational Functional Tester, TestPartner, Microsoft Coded UI, EggPlant, AutoIT and more.
“The real advantage of Agile Designer™-TMX is that for the first time, users can map requirements to an unambiguous, active flowchart, or can move objects straight from a screen or an API to a visual flow, automatically generating automated tests directly from it,” Price adds.

Teams can also avoid the problem of poor functional coverage, which allows defects to make it into production, causing frustrating and costly late rework, by automatically calculating the correct set of tests to test all the functionality.

The benefits of Agile Designer™-TMX are immediate as it detects and removes redundant and broken tests automatically and reduces testing time by up to 30%. The clear logic flow also helps eliminate ambiguity in requirements by 90%, and defects by 95%.

Every possible path through a system’s logic can be automatically identified and tested, with automated tests being updated automatically and run immediately, feeding back any bugs continuously. This drastically reduces the need for labour intensive manual testing, allowing teams to exhaustively test an application on time and within budget.

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About Agile Designer

Developed by Grid-Tools, Agile Designer™ lets organizations design clear, unambiguous logic, user stories and test cases all in one go. Having designed the perfect set of test cases, organizations can find and make the ‘right data’ and link it directly to their requirements.

About Grid-Tools

Grid-Tools is the leading provider of software products and services focusing on improving development and testing practices throughout the Software development Lifecycle (SDLC). With offices in Oxford and New York and a global network of sales and delivery partners, Grid-Tools helps its customers develop valuable software products of the highest quality, on time and under budget. With over 30 years of experience delivering innovative and market-leading solutions for testing and QA in software development projects, Grid-Tools truly understands the science of testing.

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