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Make automated testing a reality with Agile Designer™ Javelin

Agile Designer™ Javelin is a complete, end-to-end tool designed to bring the benefits of test automation to organizations whilst eliminating the issues that currently hinder its implementation.

Despite automation’s clear advantages, a recent research report from Bloor on Automated Test Case Generation highlighted that 70% of testing is still carried out manually. A Dorothy Graham test automation survey also revealed that 27% of respondents had significant or major problems with automation, while 45% said that they still encounter minor problems.

“Automation is vital to reduce execution time but it still provides poor coverage - tests repetitively test some features but leave most functionality untouched,” said Huw Price Managing Director of Grid-Tools.

“It means that critical defects are detected late, causing time-consuming rework. And when a change request is made, or a defect is detected, costs and delays mount as all tests have to be verified and updated by hand, in other words testing just can’t keep up! That all changes with Javelin.”

Agile Designer™ Javelin allows teams to derive and execute tests directly from requirements. From an easy to use flowchart, Agile Designer™ automatically generates the smallest number of test cases needed to fully test an application.

This reduces test execution times and eliminates redundant over-testing, whilst helping to prevent the majority of defects which arise from ambiguities in requirements.

“Just as importantly, the test components can be stored centrally and re-used, while existing files and models can be imported to Agile Designer™,” adds Price, “this maximizes the value of previous work done and allows teams to share common work. In addition test teams can quickly derive and execute every test needed to exhaustively test new subsystems or functionality.”

It is also possible to model applications, web UIs, APIs, service calls and flat files as an active flowchart so that teams can systematically test applications and pages.
With Agile Designer™ Javelin, organizations can bring together test case design with exhaustive, active automation, so teams can automate more, earlier, and deliver fully tested applications to market, quicker and at less cost.

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About Agile Designer

Developed by Grid-Tools, Agile Designer™ lets organizations design clear, unambiguous logic, user stories and test cases all in one go. Having designed the perfect set of test cases, organizations can find and make the ‘right data’ and link it directly to their requirements.

About Grid-Tools

Grid-Tools is the leading provider of software products and services focusing on improving development and testing practices throughout the Software development Lifecycle (SDLC). With offices in Oxford and New York and a global network of sales and delivery partners, Grid-Tools helps its customers develop valuable software products of the highest quality, on time and under budget. With over 30 years of experience delivering innovative and market-leading solutions for testing and QA in software development projects, Grid-Tools truly understand the science of testing.

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