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A new service today for the breakthrough businesses of tomorrow.

Until now, big ideas for new businesses have been stifled by a lack of access to big design agency thinking. Entrepreneurs have had to chose between two extremes: either they beg, steal and borrow to afford a large agency; or they make do with a cheap solo freelancer. Ultimately it's been a choice between high price or low quality. Neither of which help breakthroughs to flourish.

The UK-based design and innovation practice Guild of Sage & Smith saw this as a noose around the neck of exciting start-ups, and a contributor to the unfortunate statistic that one in three new enterprises fail within the first three years. So they've been busy over the last 12 months working on a solution: taking all the branding exercises that have proven essential for successful start-up ventures, and squeezing them down into a simple, quick and affordable package. They've called it Read full release