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Global Marine Acquires Red Sky Assets

News Release
16 January 2006

Global Marine Acquires Red Sky Assets

Strategic acquisition enables Global Marine to offer innovative solutions
for installation of regional submarine networks

Red Sky technology enables simpler integration of terrestrial and submarine networks
providing a streamlined platform for the deployment of telecom services

Chelmsford, UK: Global Marine Systems Limited, the independent market-leading subsea cable installation and maintenance company, is pleased to announce it has acquired the assets of Red Sky Systems, a developer of submarine network technology. Red Sky technology enables a simple integration of terrestrial and submarine networks and, through this technology, Global Marine will be able to offer network operators a more cost-effective, efficient and uncomplicated means of running or upgrading their networks relative to traditional submarine solutions.

When combined with industry standard subsea components that are embedded in the patented Red Sky repeaters, the unique Red Sky Optical Line Interface (OLI) allows network managers to operate subsea networks using industry standard applications common to terrestrial networks.

Commenting today, Andy Bax, Head of Submarine Networks at Global Marine said, “Red Sky technology represents a very advanced approach to combining undersea and terrestrial networks, resulting in a greatly simplified, more flexible and more cost effective alternative to legacy subsea systems.” He added, “Based upon the latest developments in optical engineering, the Red Sky solution truly offers something new to operators looking to build regional or specialist networks.”

Similar to Global Marine’s industry standard Universal Jointing products and services, the Red Sky OLI is also vendor neutral, providing a single standard based interface to any piece of optical transmission equipment. It can carry signals up to 175km from terminal location to first repeater, representing a huge step forward from the current market standard.

Gabriel Ruhan, Managing Director at Global Marine said, “In the growing market for regional submarine networks, marine installation is often the most complex part of the project and typically carries the greatest risk. The Red Sky acquisition will further augment Global Marine’s strategy to help make the submarine network industry more efficient and accessible to both cable operators and equipment suppliers.”

He added, “As a leading marine engineering company, we believe that the acquisition of Red Sky technology represents a fundamental part of our growth strategy. As with Global Marine’s ownership of Universal Jointing core patents, the Red Sky technology will also be developed in a similar manner for the long term benefit of the telecoms industry.”

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Notes to Editors:

Red Sky technology has completed successful integration testing with industry leading providers of SDH and DWDM equipment on a 900km laboratory system delivering 2.5Gb and 10Gb wavelengths. Its patented technology and product set is the result of more than $20M invested over a 4 year period in research & development by the company’s original management team prior to the Global Marine acquisition.

The Red Sky OLI transmits up to 64 wavelengths onto a subsea fibre pair providing enough optical power to carry the signal through the repeaters on submarine segments of up to 4,000km.


About Global Marine

Global Marine, an independent marine engineering company, has been in business for well over 150 years and continues to be the pre-eminent provider of submarine cable installation and maintenance services in the world. Operating the world's largest fleet of cable ships and subsea vehicles, it is a market leader in marine cable installation and maintenance for telecommunications, as well as scientific research, oil, gas, utilities and the renewable energy sector.

Global Marine is headquartered in the United Kingdom with regional offices in the United States and Asia. The company has established strategic alliances with several of the industry’s leading companies and has successful Joint Ventures and partnerships with SBSS in China (China Telecom), NTTWE Marine in Japan (NTT) and ICPL in Singapore (SingTel and ACPL).

Global Marine has installed more undersea fibre optic cables than any other operator, and more than 50% of the world’s buried fibre-optic cables have been installed by Global Marine. Between 30% and 40% of all subsea cables repairs and maintenance are undertaken by the company.

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