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• 50% of managers lack confidence in financial decision making
• 68% of managers have received no financial training

20th March 2006 - The lack of financial understanding amongst UK business managers should send alarm bells to CEOs. In a new You Gov survey of 650 UK managers, commissioned by Intellexis, leading providers of financial e-learning solutions, half of respondents with financial responsibility admitted they are unsure about the accuracy of their financial decision making. Only 46% of female managers, compared to 50% male are confident they are making the best financial decisions for their businesses.

50% of the respondents manage budgets of between £25,000 to over £1 million a year, however, the majority have not received any financial training, no doubt a key contributor to their poor confidence levels. 68% of all managers admitted they have never received any formal training. This lack of training was most acute in the 18-29 year age group, with 70% complaining of the lack of instruction. This is worrying when 42% of managers have direct responsibility for departmental budgets.

Businesses in the Midlands and Wales were the worst offenders in their failure to provide training for staff - 76% of business managers in these areas have never received any formal financial training. Companies in London and The North fared only marginally better, with over 60% of managers in each region admitting they had never undertaken any financial training.

David Willis, Managing Director of Intellexis comments, “The lack of financial understanding and skills amongst UK business managers is shocking and presents a potential business time bomb in UK companies. With only a half of managers admitting they are confident financial decision makers, one can only imagine how many costly mistakes are being made. Non financial managers are increasingly expected to manage budgets and finance, but without any formal financial training, companies are placing them under huge undue pressure and strain and at the same time putting their organisations at huge financial risk”

“With EU enlargement and with emerging markets like China fast becoming global players, UK businesses need to wake up to the fact that they need to invest in financial training and development for their business managers now in order to compete effectively. It is essential that companies take action before the gap between business goals and poor financial decision making is simply a gulf too large to bridge.”


About Intellexis:
Founded in 1988, Intellexis is the UK’s leading provider of financial and business skills learning solutions, with worldwide training programmes in place for multinational, blue chip clients such as Hilton International, Nestlé and Rolls-Royce. Intellexis has over 17 years of experience in improving financial understanding for more than 100,000 people worldwide. Intellexis, a division of the vocational training company ILX Group plc, is headquartered in London. The company has a global distribution and partner network.

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