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• “Push” now added to existing “pull” email and data delivery

• Voice activated navigation for voice email service

• Multiple language and character handling

• Forthcoming launch of MobilePA ‘Lite’ low cost option

24th May 2006 – Software development company, Sirenic, has developed and launched an intelligent “push” email and data delivery service to complement existing “pull” technology, as well as introducing a number of additional enhancements to its mobile email, PIM (Personal Information Manager i.e. calendar, contacts, tasks), and content management solution, MobilePA.

MobilePA’s novel approach to “push” email works with MobilePA’s underlying “relevance engine” intelligently to prioritise email and data pushed to the mobile device while, at the same time, retaining and offering the user access on demand to an archive of up to 10,000 emails held on the server. Seamlessly combining both “push” and “pull” technology, MobilePA is enabling its users significantly to reduce traffic to their mobile device and to improve the management of their email and data whilst on the move.

While MobilePA’s “pull’ technology is available for use on virtually any mobile phone, the MobilePA “push” technology will be available to a large number of phones previously unable to support ”push” email. The new “push” technology will initially work on a range of Symbian devices and simply requires a small Java application which can be easily downloaded by subscribers from the website – In the near future, Sirenic expects to extend its service to deliver “push” technology to the majority of business phones and devices.

Furthermore, with no new device required, it is possible through an online registration for a new user to be up and running on MobilePA in minutes without having to commit to a new network operator contract.

MobilePA has also improved its voice access service. Users will not only be able to listen and to respond to emails by voice, but will be able to navigate with minimal manual intervention using simple commands such as “read”, “reply” and “next email”, enabling a driver with a hands-free kit, for example, to continue working whilst on the move.

In addition, MobilePA now makes provision for multiple languages – email and data containing Greek, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew and other characters and symbols are displayed appropriately, where the device or browser supports this.

Sirenic will also shortly be introducing a “Lite” version of its MobilePA product which will be available at a significantly lower pricing point for wider consumer appeal. The “Lite” product will nonetheless maintain much of the functionality of the standard version. Sirenic will be looking for partners to distribute this on a co-branded or own label basis. A further announcement on the specification of this version will be made in due course.

Bertrand Lipworth, Chairman of Sirenic, said: “Sirenic’s first class engineering team, led by Nic Sheard, continues to deliver innovative, leading edge mobility software that will greatly assist the user on the move. MobilePA is designed to ensure that customers have access to information that is important to them, when and how they want it, and through the most appropriate device or medium. These technological and service enhancements will further enhance customer choice and improve the user experience.

He continued: “With Analyst Group IDC predicting that the mobile worker population will increase to more than 850 million by 2009, we are eager to ensure that Sirenic meets and indeed exceeds the technological demands of its global mobile customers.”

In order to ensure that users are taking full advantage of the latest developments and existing features, Sirenic is to implement a programme of regular ‘teach in’ sessions for MobilePA users via conference call.


About MobilePA:

MobilePA is an effective mobile email, PIM (Personal Information Manager, i.e. calendar, contacts, tasks) and content management solution that can be used on almost all mobile phones, wireless PDAs and web browsers. MobilePA is designed to ensure that users have access to the information that is important to them, when they want it, through the most appropriate device and medium. The application overcomes traditional technological barriers and is extensible, adapting to different user requirements and changing business needs. Provided as a hosted, managed service it is aimed at consumers, SMEs large corporations and local and central government entities. It supports both "Push" and "Pull" data delivery, depending on the device and user preference, with the unique ability seamlessly to combine access to data on the device with massive data volumes held on servers. A powerful search facility is provided, that can immediately retrieve all relevant information from archives of up to 10,000 emails, from the user’s PIM and from news feeds. MobilePA interfaces with all major email systems.

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