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Sirenic, the provider of MobilePA, a mobile email, PIM (Personal Information Manager i.e. calendar, contacts, tasks) and content management solution, is to collaborate with IBM to develop further and to deliver effective mobile working products primarily to the public sector, but also to the banking, telecommunications, media and entertainment industries.

Joining PartnerWorld Industry Networks for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) will enable Sirenic to take advantage of IBM's sales, marketing and technical expertise in the markets where mobile technology is most in demand. Sirenic has already achieved the industry optimised level in PartnerWorld Industry Networks for government.

Available to almost all mobile phones, wireless PDAs and web browsers, MobilePA enables users to access information that is important to them, when they want it, and through the most appropriate device and medium. Seamlessly combining both “push” and “pull” technology, MobilePA’s unique “relevance engine” intelligently prioritises email and data pushed to the device and, at the same time, enables users to access an archive of up to 10,000 stored emails held on the server.

The collaboration with IBM further strengthens an existing relationship. Last year, Sirenic and IBM worked together on a project for The Commission for Rural Communities, formerly an operating division of The Countryside Agency within Defra, the UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Having adopted MobilePA, The Commission now benefits from improved employee communication and increased productivity, as well as greater workforce flexibility. Staff can access and to respond to email on the move, manage their diaries, view related information from the Commission’s CRM system and receive regular news on relevant issues, when working from home or remotely.

Sitting within the Commission’s existing IBM infrastructure, MobilePA utilises WebSphere Everyplace Connection Manager to provide a highly secure and efficient connection for moving data between the enterprise and mobile users. Furthermore, MobilePA is compatible with IBM’s full product portfolio.

Jonathan Ballinger, IT, Finance & Estates Manager at The Commission for Rural Communities, said: “Travel currently features heavily in the lives of our workforce. MobilePA helps us to utilise this time to best effect, eradicating downtime and significantly improving productivity. The results of an IBM return on investment study revealed a saving of up to 12 hours per week per employee.”

Ian Lynes, Business Development Director at Sirenic, added: “PartnerWorld Industry Networks will enable us to benefit from IBM’s sales and marketing expertise. The success of our relationship has already been proven through our work with The Commission for Rural Communities and we envisage that this partnership will only help to strengthen MobilePA’s position in the public sector and other key industry sectors.”

"We are pleased that Sirenic has joined PartnerWorld Industry Networks, and is committed to IBM as a partner of choice," said Gerry Ingram, Business Unit Executive of ISV & Developer Relations, IBM UK Ltd. "Sirenic delivers an effective mobile working solution for the public sector, and we are dedicated to working together to best serve our business customers."


About Sirenic’s MobilePA:

Sirenic’s MobilePA is an effective mobile email, PIM (Personal Information Manager, i.e. calendar, contacts, tasks) and content management solution that can be used on almost all mobile phones, wireless PDAs and web browsers. MobilePA is designed to ensure that users have access to the information that is important to them, when they want it, through the most appropriate device and medium. The application overcomes traditional technological barriers and is extensible, adapting to different user requirements and changing business needs. Provided as a hosted, managed service it is aimed at consumers, SMEs large corporations and local and central government entities. It supports both "Push" and "Pull" data delivery, depending on the device and user preference, with the unique ability seamlessly to combine access to data on the device with massive data volumes held on servers. A powerful search facility is provided, that can immediately retrieve all relevant information from archives of up to 10,000 emails, from the user’s PIM and from news feeds. MobilePA interfaces with all major email systems. For more information visit

About IBM PartnerWorld Industry Networks

The IBM PartnerWorld Industry Networks provide Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) with comprehensive business insight, technical resources, networking opportunities and marketing and sales support designed to help them reach more customers and close deals faster. Participants in the PartnerWorld Industry Networks can team with IBM to bring on demand solutions to market more easily and to ensure these solutions meet specific industry needs, reflecting how customers buy technology today.

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