Skip nav blazes a trail in corporate language learning with Rosetta Stone software

Travel and leisure giant is trialling Rosetta Stone’s online language learning software to enable employees to get up to speed in any of 30 different foreign languages.

Currently, 25 employees are each learning one of ten different languages, including French, Spanish, Korean, Chinese Mandarin and Arabic.

Soraya Malik, Operational Training Manager, comments:
“ delivers a product that is widely used by people around the world and it is important that our employees are able to communicate in a variety of different languages to remain competitive in an international market. As an organisation, we felt that it was essential to offer this type of training, both for the commercial benefit of the company as a whole and individual employee development.”

A recent YouGov survey of 2,500 UK employees revealed that 80% had not been offered the opportunity to learn a second language at work, despite EU expansion and tougher competition from European businesses.

Michael Lefante, Marketing Manager, Rosetta Stone UK comments:

“Being able to speak a second language has a number of benefits for the individual, both socially and psychologically. As the world becomes more globalised, employers are placing increasing value on employees’ language abilities.”

Rosetta Stone language learning software was selected by because of the success of its unique Dynamic Immersion methodology, which teaches via context, in the same way that people learn their first language as children. The technique requires no tedious memorisation or list learning and makes learning a language both enjoyable and easy.

“Rosetta Stone software has been received well by those trialling this method of learning who are finding its interactive teaching method highly effective,” continues Soraya Malik. “Voice recognition technology builds confidence that they are speaking with the correct accent and pronunciation. One of the key benefits of the online programme is that staff can access the course remotely and can therefore learn from home or even on business trips.”


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Rosetta Stone is the leading provider of online and CD-Rom based language-learning courses. The courses are based on a Dynamic ImmersionTM methodology which means that they are fully interactive and use thousands of real-life colour images to convey the meaning of each spoken and written phrase in the program. The program’s carefully sequenced structure, written texts and extensive use of native speakers helps the user to attain proficiency quickly, without memorisation, translation or tedious grammar drills. Teaching 30 languages to millions of people in over 150 countries worldwide, Rosetta Stone is the key to language learning success.