Language no barrier to love – for women that is

A Survey conducted this month by language software provider Rosetta Stone has revealed that women are more open than men to learning a new language in the name of love. While 97% of women would learn a language to better communicate with a partner, only 71% of men would do the same.

The sample of 132 men and 98 women in their twenties and thirties, revealed further discrepancies along gender lines - 87% of women would like to learn a new language as a fun activity to do with a partner. This compares to only 60% of men.

However, the results tell a different story when it comes to impressing a partner on a romantic getaway - 64% of men would learn a new language for this reason, compared to only 22% of women.

When asked whether they would learn a new language to communicate with a partner’s family if they didn’t speak English, 97% of respondents answered yes. However, 44% of men and 27% of women would expect their partner’s family to learn English to communicate with them.

Immersion was considered the most effective language-learning method by 90% of respondents, followed by evening classes (8%). 62% claimed lack of time was the most difficult aspect, followed by pronunciation (10%).

Michael Lefante, spokesperson for Rosetta Stone EMEA, says:

“In today’s globalised world, international travel and the internet have provided new opportunities for people of different nationalities to meet. To make the most of these opportunities, people need to be more open to learning new skills. It seems that women more so than men will go the extra mile in their efforts to make a relationship work. To help them, learning technologies that mimic immersion situations can make acquiring a foreign language much easier.”

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