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Mobile phones key to grandparent-grandchild relationship

Mobile phones key to grandparent-grandchild relationship

· 33% of grandchildren keep in touch with their grandparents via mobile phone

· 37% have taught their grandparents to use a mobile phone

14 March 2007 – A survey of over 230 grandchildren has revealed that mobile phones are a key method of communicating with their grandparents. The survey was commissioned by Girlings Retirement Options, the market leader in retirement rentals on Assured Tenancy contracts, providing security of tenure for life.

33% of grandchildren under 21 claimed that they keep in contact with their grandparents via mobile phone, a close second behind fixed line telephones at 40%. Additionally, 6% communicate using text messages, with letters (10%) and email (9%) also common channels for correspondence.

Keeping abreast with technology such as mobile phones appears to be enhancing relations between grandchildren and their grandparents. 48% of respondents reported spending more than an hour a week either with their grandparents or communicating with them.

Furthermore, when asked if they had ever taught their grandparents a new skill, 37% claimed that they had taught them to use a mobile phone, with 14% also teaching them to send text messages.

London-based social worker Jeannine Fletcher says:

"Grandparents are a significant support network in a child's life, whether by assisting parents with childcare responsibilities, by being positive role models or simply friends. It is an important relationship and one that should benefit from new technology."

Peter Girling, Chairman, Girlings Retirement Options comments:

"The vast majority of our tenants are grandparents and every day we see the importance and value placed on the time spent with their grandchildren. In our experience, the 21 st century grandparent welcomes new communications technologies that enable them to keep in touch with their families. Of course strong family relationships benefit grandparents too, keeping them active, happy and young at heart."


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