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“Managing time is just not about individuals’ choice and concerns, but also about supports that exist within families and communities for those choices.” From ‘Its About Time: Women, men, work and family’ Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) 2007

The recent, (HREOC) report highlighted what many working parents already know – there are never enough hours in the day and that modern parenting requires skills akin to those of a circus juggler! Balancing all the balls of work, life and family whist not dropping your own sanity is a hard job that requires a crucial element of support. (FAB) a UK community based website has the answer to provide support for parents to keep all those balls in the air - a much needed service which helps parents connect directly to nannies & babysitters in their local area, efficiently and affordably.

Recently launched by Vanessa Cook, herself a former nanny and managing director of the highly respected and successful ‘Little Ones the Nanny Specialists Ltd’ - an international nanny agency, specialising in providing the highest caliber nannies, including bilingual nannies, for a discerning clientele which includes high profile celebrities and dignitaries, FAB has been well received and already has over 6500 childcarers and parents registered and using the website.

Vanessa comments: “FAB has exceeded my expectations, and has proved extremely popular. My experience showed me that there is a huge demand from parents for a platform that gives them the ability to connect with nannies and babysitters in their locality quickly and effectively without the high fees incurred in using a childcare agency. In addition childcarers were looking for a professional platform to showcase their services. FAB provides such a portal to facilitate a happy match to both parties’ requirements."

On parents can post jobs for full or part time nannies, after school carers or babysitters specifying any particular requirements. Profiles of nannies and babysitters show their qualifications, experience, availability, locality and rates. Parents can choose from the extensive list of profiles and select who they would like to speak with and telephone or email them directly so saving agency fees. This combination of information provides a powerful two way interface which sets FAB apart from other childcare sites and helps parents find the ‘right’ person to care for their children.

FAB does not vet candidates but acts an introduction service between parents and childcarers. Vanessa continues: “In these days of increasing concerns about security and identity fraud, we are proud to say that, unlike many other community websites which operate connections within the childcare sector, FAB provides a measure of security to protect both parents and childcarers. Nannies and babysitters register free of charge but have to verify their personal details and provide evidence of identity. Parents can only access details of childcarers after paying a nominal fee. All payments are processed through the websites’ authenticated secure payment service which ensures that their details must match those of the payment method and any irregularities are notified to the administrators.”

Uniquely FAB also provides the tools to enable parents to have the confidence to personally vet and screen candidates that they would like to have care for their children in the same way that an agency does. The website provides information on interviewing, screening, police checks & other helpful information on hiring a nanny or babysitter. Parents should then select a nanny or babysitter who is most suited to the family, based on skills, experience, qualifications and character and perhaps most importantly to suit the personality of the child to be cared for and the rapport which that child has with the prospective carer.

Vanessa concludes: “ has many advantages for busy parents of cost and efficiency. However, perhaps one of the greatest advantages of this service arises from the principle that children would like to see the same one or two sitters every time their parents go out so establishing a bond with their babysitters and looking forward to seeing them. Unfortunately, many babysitting agencies ensure that parents do not have the same sitter time and again for their children. FAB enables parents to employ babysitters that they prefer establishing a lasting relationship with perhaps three so that whenever they need help, someone that they trust and the child enjoys spending time with will be available to provide that much needed support.

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