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Nine outstanding temps were recognised for their hard work and dedication at the annual ‘Angela Mortimer Temp of the Year Awards’, which for the first time included a category for work in the international arena.

The ‘Temp of the Year Awards’ were introduced by the Angela Mortimer Group, in order to not only recognise, but also reward commitment, loyalty, exceptional work ethic and talent in short term employees.

Held on Tuesday, 5 June at The Gallery in Charing Cross, the event was a tribute to more than one million temporary workers in Britain and their pivotal role in business today.

The winner of the prestigious ‘Angela Mortimer 2007 Temp of the Year Award’ was Sam Portlock, nominated by Kingfisher. Commenting on Sam’s performance, Kingfisher said: “Sam is one of those very rare characters who gets through mountains of work with enthusiasm, while getting on with everyone in the office, she has an astonishing skill in being able to communicate well with anyone and everyone of all ages and backgrounds and positions. If you would please supply a Sam cloning machine that would be great, then we can take over the world.”

Sam Portlock said she was truly honoured to have received the award. She said: “It was wonderful to be given such an official recognition of how much I am appreciated by both Kingfisher and Angela Mortimer. For someone who has the desire to succeed as an actress it means so much to me that I have a temporary job which gives me the flexibility to be able to follow my dreams. Angela Mortimer and Kingfisher have been amazing in their support and understanding of the times when I have disappeared off to tread the boards.”

Davide Mele, Managing Director of Angela Mortimer International, the multilingual and pan-European branch of the Angela Mortimer Group, said that in the current climate of rapid globalisation in the business sphere it was important to recognise the unique skills of temps who work in the international arena.

“An understanding of intercultural communications and how to break down language barriers are essential qualities,” he said.

The ‘Angela Mortimer International Temp of the Year Award’ recognised such skills in the exceptional performance of Aisha Ahmed at BLM Media.

The media industry has always attracted a record number of job applications and Wendy Duprey of Pathfinders Recruitment, the media division of the Angela Mortimer Group, said that temps are increasingly drawn upon to get involved with a wide range of extra duties.

“Clients often require candidates with excellent verbal and written communication skills who are as equally happy drafting a press release or taking part in creative brainstorms as they are managing diaries or answering phones,” she said.

Emma Smith was named the ‘2007 Pathfinders Temp of the Year’ for her work with an award-winning PR agency Lansons Communications, who have described her as “thorough, reliable and efficient” with “a fantastic can-do attitude”.

The evening was a tremendous success and Lucy Mayaki, Director of the Angela Mortimer Group commented: “The event was also a great opportunity to personally thank all temps, not only for their dedication, but for being fantastic ambassadors of the Angela Mortimer Group.”

Lucy continued: “Our recent market research showed the majority of temp workers see temping as a stepping stone to permanent work and are very motivated and keen to take on new challenges. More and more businesses are realising the potential of these highly skilled temps to improve business productivity. Research also shows that 33 per cent of companies rely on or would be inconvenienced without temps and see them as a significant part of the economy.”

Award winners on the night included:

Elzahn Scott – Receptionist of the Year
Iria Cordal - Team Secretary of the Year
Simon Roberts and Angela Janczuk – Joint Administrator of the Year
Sonya Bliss - PA of the Year
Katrina Beath - Office Manager of the Year


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