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Getting Confident is the Secret to Success!

Secret Success, leading Lifestyle Coaches, is holding a one day ‘Get Confident, Stay Confident’ seminar to encourage the business community to brush up on its communication skills at Montague Gardens Hotel, London on 30 June 2007.

With incoming Prime Minister, Gordon Brown highlighting the need for ‘soft skills’ to be taught at school in his manifesto for education last week, the need for soft skills is becoming increasingly vital at a younger age.

Belinda Pestana, co-founder of Secret Success, said: “Employers have complained that new recruits often lack communications skills needed for business, so it is imperative businesses and training and skills providers work together to ensure the future generation of workers are of real-value to the business community.”

The seminar will focus on overcoming confidence and self-esteem issues which can affect an employee’s day to day life in a workplace environment.

The seminar can potentially save businesses thousands of pounds which are sure to be lost if employees lack vital soft skills such as confidence. Winning new business, strengthening relationships and decision-making are all vital factors that contribute to business success and without confidence, none are possible.

Rosy Maria added: “By changing and taking control of unwelcome thoughts, images and feelings of doubt, employees will learn to switch off fear and create massive amounts of confidence and motivation in just a few moments.”

Rosy Maria and Belinda Pestana, founders of Secret Success have been coaching people for over ten years. With the wish to help people overcome their fears, fulfil their dreams and lead a happier and more successful life, they set up their company Secret Success Limited.

They use a variety of different methods including, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and Hypnosis.

The seminar is just one of many planned for this year. Future seminars will focus on helping people to quit smoking, lose weight, overcome their fears and present themselves better, through effective communication.

Belinda continues: “The seminar is not just for employees in junior roles, all levels of employment can benefit from learning the skills of naturally confident people, feel comfortable within themselves and have the power to go for anything one wants in life!”


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