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No Butts, There’s a Secret Success for Smokers…!

With the smoking ban in England now in force, leading life coaches, Secret Success, are continuing to help people to quit smoking…without a nicotine patch in sight. The company will be holding a ‘Break the Chain – Quit Smoking’ seminar on August 4 2007 at Montague Gardens Hotel, London. This service is also available to companies who are willing to support their employees in helping them to kick the habit by holding group seminars within the workplace.

Recent figures published by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) revealed that smokers are estimated to cost UK businesses about £5 billion per year, through direct costs such as productivity losses due to time taken for smoking breaks, extra sick leave due to smoking, increased health premiums and indirect costs such as increased fire risk, impact on company image, loss of key personnel through smoking related illnesses and death. However, 72% of smokers surveyed also said that they wanted to quit.

Employers can help their employees to stop smoking, so reducing absenteeism and increasing lost productivity hours by supporting them with the help of Secret Success. Co-founders Rosy Maria and Belinda Pestana, will be leading these ‘Break the Chain – Quit Smoking’ seminars using a range of therapies including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and hypnosis to help smokers conquer their habit.

Rosy Maria comments: “The new smoking law will act as an incentive for many smokers to quit. But, as with all addictions, we recognise that this is potentially an incredibly difficult time for many hardened smokers. Many see popping out for a cigarette as a relief to stressful times at work and when trying to give up can become extremely unhappy. With our seminar, which has proven to be a total success to date, we will use a variety of methods that will allow those who wish to give up, the opportunity to walk away from their habit, feeling happier and healthier and increasing their productivity at work.”

It is widely recognised that those who smoke are often reluctant to give up because they fear nicotine cravings and weight gain. Secret Success understand this and are therefore able to help curb anxiety and help fill the void, whatever the reason to start smoking in the first place was, with positive action, images and thoughts.

Rosy concludes: “By sending your employee on a Secret Success seminar you are making a worthwhile investment in helping them to find other methods to stop smoking. At our seminar, we will provide tips and tricks so that they will never need to smoke again and therefore reduce costs and increase productivity in the office!”

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