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Who wants to kiss an ashtray?!The secrets out to kicking that butt in just one day!

Nearly a quarter of women in the UK are believed to be smokers, and around 41,000 women are estimated to die prematurely each year because of the effects of smoking. With the smoking ban in England now in force, there has never been a better time for women to quit their addiction. But as all those who have tried and failed know, saying ta-tar to tobacco is a struggle and many fall off the band wagon succumbing to those nicotine cravings in preference to gaining weight. But now life coaches Secret Success offer a new unique and effective system that is proven to make quitting smoking for forever surprisingly easy after only ONE DAY …… and not a nicotine patch in sight.

As well as the risks to heart and lung health that male smokers face, women who smoke are also at increased risk of cancer of the cervix, a range of problems relating to reproductive health, and osteoporosis. Not to mention the cosmetic effects of smoking such as unhealthy skin, puckered lip lines, and the smell of stale smoke lingering on your clothes and breath! But you can change all this on August 4th 2007 at the Montague Gardens Hotel, London, WC1 when leading life coaches Secret Success will be holding a ‘Break the Chain – Quit Smoking’ seminar which will show smokers how they can quickly and easily kick the habit after only one day.

Co-founders of Secret Success, Rosy Maria and Belinda Pestana, have transformed the lives of even the most hardened and sceptical of smokers who now have absolutely no desire to smoke and have acquired the skills to master their emotions and live with a greater sense of ease and well being then ever before.

Rosy Maria comments: “By using a range of therapies including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and hypnosis we really can help smokers to conquer their habit. By taking control of, and changing thoughts, images and feelings of desire to smoke, people will be able to switch off any craving without anxiety, irritability or weight gain and create massive amounts of positive feelings in just a few moments. Those who have previously tried out our techniques were initially sceptical, but now have absolutely no desire to smoke.”

Atlantis Divalenti has tried to stop smoking in the past but has now successfully stopped after one session with Secret Success.

Atlantis enthuses: “I have tried lots of different types of medication to stop smoking including nicotine patches but nothing worked. I often became grumpy, had unnecessary food cravings and therefore overate and became depressed. I never believed that my cravings for cigarettes would go away. With just one session with Secret Success, I am genuinely surprised at how quickly my reaction has changed and the thought of smoking actually makes me feel sick. I do not have an increased appetite and so I have gained no weight. Now I can comfortably be around people who do smoke and not feel the urge to want to join in, and it does not bother me all. It’s truly amazing!”

Secret Success are extremely confident that smokers who really want to give up and who attend the seminar will:

• Learn powerful techniques to re-programme their mind and body so that they no longer need cigarettes and actually feel better without them
• Help fill the void, whatever the reason to start smoking in the first place was, with positive action, images and thoughts.
• Stop smoking without anxiety, irritability, cravings or weight gain
• Take back control of their life so that they have no desire to smoke ever again
• Feel fantastic and liberated about their new life as a non-smoker so that they start feeling even better every day!

Belinda Pestana adds: “No matter how much someone smokes or for how long by the end of the seminar, their whole attitude to smoking will have changed forever. We have a unique and effective system that is tried and proven to make kicking the butt forever surprisingly easy. Ex-smokers will quickly feel the benefits of taking their life back both health-wise, financially, and socially thereby benefiting themselves, their family and friends and let’s face it, sweet peppermint lips are far more attractive than kissing the proverbial ashtray!”

* National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) May 2007

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