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Despite the decline in popularity of the written letter, recent research has shown that Britons are actually writing more than ten years ago – due to the advent of email and blogging as forms of everyday communication.

Recent research commisioned by, a new internet-based letter service, agrees with this trend. The survey found that 72 per cent of Britons would like to receive a letter from a loved one after they have passed away. However, while 49 per cent planned to write such a letter, only 3 per cent had already taken this step.

The advancement of communication technology has meant that the way people read, write and communicate with each other is being revolutionised. Research has shown that while handwritten letters are still few and far between, people are increasingly taking part in written communication online, due to busier lifestyles. has noticed and responded to this new trend. The company aims to encourage people to continue writing and feels the new online wave is an opportunity to revolutionise the way we write.

Jill Green, co-founder of, said: “Many of our subscribers find it difficult to know where to begin. With a letter you are not only able to express your innermost thoughts, but can reflect on why you feel that way about a certain person.”

The website allows subscribers to log in and write letters which are safely stored electronically and can be updated at the writer’s discretion. They are then sent to the recipients by upon the subscribers’ death.

Jill Green and Angie Mills, co-founders of, have compiled a letter writing guide, to help subscribers make the most of the opportunity to send a message of love and hope to those they care about.

Shared memories can be particularly important in times of grief. Angie Mills, co-founder of, commented: “Writing down a shared memory celebrates the times you shared, and can also help those left behind through the grieving process. It is an opportunity to remind loved ones how much the time you have spent together meant to you.”

Their top tips for effective letter writing include:

• Don’t be afraid to talk openly about your feelings – Everyday concerns mean it is sometimes difficult to find time to tell friends and relatives how much they truly mean to us.

• Draw on shared memories – Talking about a memorable occasion – a shared holiday or a special day, for example – can remind loved ones of happy times and help them through their grief.

• Make them laugh – Including a private joke can emphasise the closeness you shared, and will raise a smile.

• Give advice – Letters have the power to advise, encourage and empower. Writing down advice gives the recipient time to reflect on your words – however frank they may be – and allows you to leave a lasting legacy.


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About™ (™ was born through the life changing personal experiences of its creators, Jill Green and Angie Mills. When Jill’s father passed away, he left letters for both her and her mother. When Angie’s husband passed away shortly afterwards, he had not had the chance to write his intended letters for his wife and two sons.

The service offers a secure and private resource for people who wish to write and store personal letters for their loved ones. They can be safe in the knowledge that their letters will be safely delivered to them when they need a message of love most.

By registering on , subscribers are able to log in and write letters to their loved ones which are safely stored electronically and can be updated as and when required. The letters are sent to the recipients by upon the subscriber’s death. Letters are kept privately and safely. The service spares friends and relatives the painful process of searching for that personal letter and possibly never finding it.