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Fight Your Fears – Be Free From Phobia

Ever heard of Paruresis - the fear of using a public toilet? - the National Phobics Society claims that at least four million Britons suffer from toilet related anxiety. This is only one of the many irrational fears and phobias that can at times have a devastating impact on the life of nearly 16 million Britons.

Life coaches Rosy Maria and Belinda Pestana of Secret Success have already successfully helped many chronic phobics regain their lives by sharing their knowledge of how to re-programme the mind to remove unwanted fears and phobias. On 8th September at the Montague Gardens Hotel, London WC1, Rosy and Belinda will be holding a workshop offering sufferers a chance to conquer their fear which can at times prevent them from functioning socially – a one day life changing opportunity that will help participants to be free to enjoy their life to the full.

“By taking control of and changing thoughts, images and feelings of fear and anxiety, people will be able to switch off a panic reaction, feeling calm and relaxed in just a few moments. Those who have previously attended our workshops were initially sceptical but now are no longer afraid and have acquired the skills to master their emotions and live with a great sense of ease and well being than ever before” comments Rosy Maria.

Mary Karsan, who suffered from a fear of cats, said: “My phobia of cats developed when I was a teenager. I wasn’t able to look at pictures, adverts or anything with cats or even tigers in without feeling petrified and would cringe at the thought of them. As I grew older my phobia became worse, I refused to stay in ground floor hotel rooms or even buy a property situated on the ground floor as I feared cats could come in through an open window.

“I would also be scared to walk up my outer staircase in case a cat jumped out at me. Holidays abroad became increasingly stressful as cats in restaurants or by hotel gardens were the norm there which left me permanently on edge.

“I decided to attend a workshop with Secret Success and it has changed my life. Their approach was friendly and relaxing and this relieved my anxieties about my phobia. Using different techniques from neuro-linguistic programming to thought field therapy, I was able to use different images to control and combat my phobia. It was tailored for my individual needs and I felt immediately calmer about how I perceived cats. I can now stroke a cat’s head and believe or not, I would not be surprised if I went out and bought a cat of my own someday soon!”

Secret Success are extremely confident that phobics who attend the workshop will:

•Learn powerful techniques to re-programme their mind and body so that they no longer suffer from unwanted fears & phobias

•Take control back over their life so that they can achieve the things they want

•Feel fantastic and liberated about their new life as those terrible feelings of fear and panic disappear in just ONE day!

Belinda Pestana concludes: “No matter how long you’ve had a fear or phobia for, or whether you have more than one, we have a unique and effective system that makes removing unwanted fears or phobias surprisingly easy. The amazing thing is that our workshop can benefit everyone – child, teenager or adult, male or female. By the end of the day your whole attitude to the things you might have feared will have changed for ever.”


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