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Employees’ fears are costing UK businesses millions

Year on year, more people living in Britain are suffering from a fear of presenting in public and it is becoming increasingly a cause for concern for many employers.

With the shortage of soft skills that the UK is facing on a daily basis, the fear of effective communication, such as presenting, is costing businesses millions of pounds in ineffective meetings and loss of new business opportunities.

Phobias are more commonly referred to as ‘Anxiety’ disorders. According to the Phobic’s Society, in 2004, stress, anxiety and depression accounted for one third of the 168 million working days lost in the UK for health related reasons – that’s the equivalent of £4.1 billion in sickness absence costs.

Life coaches, Secret Success, are holding a one-day business workshop to help employees tackle their business fears on Saturday 8 September at the Montague Gardens Hotel, London WC1.

Belinda Pestana, co-founder and life coach of Secret Success, said: “A fear of presenting can be very damaging to a person’s career, and it can also become a concern for employers too.

“With the current average cost of recruiting a new employee exceeding a whooping £5k* – it makes perfect sense to help existing employees to overcome their unwanted fears and business-related anxieties. “

Research shows that over 70% of the UK population has a fear of public speaking.Often employees become really nervous which results in them presenting in a cluttered and confused way – rather than in a confident, assured tone, that makes a good impression.

Secret Success has helped businesses save thousands of pounds in lost client relationships and new business pitches. Whether it’s business presentations or speeches, the company can help build up employees’ confidence and make them feel calm and relaxed.

Rosy Maria, co-founder and life coach of Secret Success, said: “By taking control of and changing thoughts, images and feelings of fear and anxiety, people will be able to switch off a panic reaction, feeling calm and relaxed in just a few moments. Employees who have previously attended our workshops were initially sceptical, but now are no longer afraid and have acquired the skills to master their emotions and work with a greater sense of ease and well being.

“Employers can relax knowing that once we have helped sufferers, we hope that their productivity will never be questioned again.”

Secret Success is extremely confident that employees who attend the one-day workshop will:

• Learn powerful techniques to re-programme their mind and body, so that they no longer suffer from unwanted fears and phobias
• Take control back over their life, so that they can achieve the things they want
• Feel fantastic and liberated about their new life

Belinda, concludes: “Work-related fears in employees, often develop into multiple phobias which can become quite a minefield for any employer. Our workshops will offer employers’ peace of mind in the knowledge that their employees’ newly gained confidence will benefit the success of their business, as well as their individual career prospects.”


* Research taken from the Angela Mortimer Cost of Recruitment Calculator, 2007

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Notes for editors:

Rosy Maria and Belinda Pestana have been coaching people for over 10 years. They founded Secret Success Ltd because they are both passionate about helping as many people as possible to overcome life's challenges, fulfill their dreams and lead a happier and more successful life. They are both highly qualified and licensed NLP Trainers, Hypnotherapists, Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Diagnostics, Time line Therapists and Life Coaches.

What makes them so successful is their ability to relate to and understand people from all backgrounds and cultures. They are described as passionate and enthusiastic communicators who have a vast background of both professional and personal experiences.
Secret Success also specialise in a variety of different workshops including, Confidence, Quit Smoking, Weight Loss and NLP

To find out more and enquire about their forthcoming workshops contact Rosy or Belinda on 0800 002 5500, email: or visit