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Online letter service says, ‘Hug a Grandchild for Grandparents Day!’

With Grandparent’s Day bouncing around the corner on 22nd September, there is no better way to show your little loved ones how much you care about them than by sharing this special day with fun and fabulous activities, say online letter service,

According to Age Concern research, there are around 13 million grandparents in the UK and a third of the population will become grandparents by the time they reach 50. So as the age of the grandparent becomes younger, they are playing an ever increasing role in family life.

Jill Green, co founder of, said: “This day is a great opportunity for grandparents to let their grandchildren know how much they care for them and vice versa.

“Time is very precious - and we often forget that in a busy world. We encourage everyone to let people know how much you care for them. Our website allows people, young or old, to write down their feelings and happy moments for their loved ones to keep as a memento for when they are no longer here.”

Angie Mills, also a co-founder of, said: “We hope that everyone pays attention to the vital role that grandparents play in family life that we often take for granted. Not only do they provide crucial child care for our youngsters, they offer great emotional support too, even if it is just making their grandchildren laugh or telling them a story.

“Grandparents are much loved members of the family, and they deserve their special day just as much as Mums and Dads.”

Grandparents Day can be celebrated in a variety of ways and we have compiled a list of fun things to do so that everyone can make the most out of this special day. “

Their top tips to enjoy Grandparent’s Day include:

• Learn to use the internet together. Your grandchild could teach you how to set up an email account so that you are never too far out of touch with each other.

• Put your favourite shared memories on file and save to your computer, you are more likely to lose a piece of paper than a computer! Once you have done this, share your memory with your loved one. It celebrates the times you shared, and can also help those you may leave behind remember your legacy. Why not have a look at to see how it can be done!

• Grab a new book and cuddle up with your loved one and read it out aloud together – don’t forget to animate your voice for all the different characters for fun time!

• Shared tales of your childhood with your grandchild. Not only will it be fun and interesting, I can also help teach them life lessons and create a stronger bond between you.

• Find a hobby or interest that you both share, it could be anything from making jewellery together to running and take some classes together.

• Why not make and decorate a cake or a lovely meal together – remember to ensure that the child is safe at all times!

• Help the world become a greener place and create a garden together, it doesn’t have to be huge and can even be created in a plant pot. Use small plants or herbs and monitor how they grow together.

• Talk a scenic route around your area with your grandchild. The fresh air and walk will do the heart some real good and you can both soak up the different sights, you may spot some you have never even noticed before.


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Notes to editor:

About™ (™ was born through the life changing personal experiences of its creators, Jill Green and Angie Mills. When Jill’s father passed away, he left letters for both her and her mother. When Angie’s husband passed away shortly afterwards, he had not had the chance to write his intended letters for his wife and two sons.

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