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Scotland Tops The Charts In Foreign Language Skills

Scots top the charts when it comes to learning foreign languages, according to a survey commissioned by language learning specialists, Rosetta Stone.

The survey revealed that 41 per cent of Scots were able to lay claim to second or third language skills – the highest percentage of any region in the UK.

French was the most popular second language, with 30 per cent of these linguistically talented Scots speaking French. German, Spanish and Italian were also popular choices.

The survey was commissioned to gain an understanding of the UK’s foreign language proficiency and associated travel habits. More than 2,000 males and females across London, the South, the Midlands, Wales, the North and Scotland were consulted as part of the research.

Interestingly, Scotland also had the highest percentage of Russian speakers of all the regions surveyed.

Scottish residents were the best in the UK at asking for directions when lost, whether at home or abroad, with three quarters of Scots willing to approach a stranger to ask for help. In contrast, those living in London and the South were the most reticent, with less than two thirds of those surveyed happy to seek directions when lost, even in the UK.

When it came to traveling abroad, however, London and Scotland ranked joint top at asking for directions in foreign languages, with 54 per cent of people able to find their way using their language skills.

Steven Wines, Managing Director, Europe, for Rosetta Stone, commented: “Scotland excelled in almost every category in the survey, and of all the regions surveyed, demonstrated by far the strongest foreign language abilities.”
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