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FOOT experts have revealed for the first time why women’s feet suffer in their summer shoes - they wear the wrong size.

This comes as the annual “socks off season” – the longed-for time every year when women can finally ditch their socks and boots for sandals and flip-flops – has been delayed by the unseasonable cold snap which blighted early spring.

With temperatures finally hotting up in the UK, foot specialists are warning that women face a potential blister crisis because their feet have been wrapped up in socks and comfy boots for far longer than usual.

This combined with the little-known fact that women are wearing the wrong size shoes in the summer mean they face an agonising barrage of foot problems now the time has come to ditch their socks.

New survey results reveal that a massive 94 per cent of British women have no idea that their summer shoes should be at least half a size bigger than their winter ones.

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