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Hada Labo Tokyo Super Hydrator Lotion

Times are hard for hands just now. Repeated washing and use of alcohol-based hand sanitisers can leave them dry, rough and even raw, so it is important to try to replace that lost moisture.
There are a lot of hand creams out there, from the lightest lotions to heavy-duty emollients, but fans of Hada Labo Tokyo, Japan’s No 1 selling skincare brand, are finding that its Super Hydrator Lotion is just the thing to help keep hands hydrated through the tough times.
Hada Labo Tokyo brand manager Karen Pender says: “Fans of the hydrator lotion have been telling us that they always massage the excess lotion into their hands after using it in their facial skincare routine before applying moisturiser. They say it has made a real difference and with the arrival of coronavirus and the need to wash hands repeatedly, they are making sure they keep a bottle by the sink.”
A great fan of the product is...

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