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Celebrities such as Louis Walsh, James Nesbitt and Wayne Rooney have all gone public about their hair transplants, but the truth is that thousands of ordinary men receive hair transplant surgery every year, usually without anyone ever knowing.

Hair Restoration Blackrock (HRBR), the hair transplant clinic which treated Louis Walsh and James Nesbitt, has just completed some interesting analysis of their 2011 patients. Last year HRBR saw in excess of 2000 regular men, as well as a few well known faces.

“Hair loss is a great leveller. While it may be celebrities who make the headlines, our average patients are men of all ages and from all walks of life. There is no doubt that when celebrities like Wayne Rooney and Louis Walsh go public, it helps de-stigmatise hair restoration surgery, which is something we greatly welcome. As well as people from the entertainment industry and professionals, here at HRBR in both our London and Dublin clinics, we see a wide...

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