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Halfords Autocentres is campaigning to ban garage gobbledegook which can leave customers baffled and is championing the use of “plain English” in its garages.

Research* carried out for Halfords has shown a high level of confusion around mechanical jargon and the need for simple and un-patronising language when dealing with motorists.

Over nine out of ten car owners (91%) say they are left bewildered by terminology used by mechanics and almost half of motorists (48%) admit paying for a service or repair without understanding what it was for.

When asked specific technical questions about their cars relating to the clutch, ‘big end’ and alternator, a third of us were baffled with ‘no idea’ what the correct answer might be. When asked how a garage should rectify a slipping clutch, 6 in 10 gave the wrong answer; 61% identified the meaning of ‘big end’ incorrectly while 43% incorrectly identified the role of an alternator.


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