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White has become the fastest growing new car colour, whilst once-popular silver cars are fading out of fashion, thanks to the “Apple Effect”.

Black may be the most chosen colour for cars leaving the showroom, but the colour white, once associated with Essex girls and a favourite in the 1980s, is enjoying a rebirth in popularity.

Design experts have attributed this trend to computer giant Apple, whose sleek, white iPods and iPads have made the colour trendy again.
White paint on cars has surged in popularity by more than 800% in the past six years*, a study by Halfords, which sells 48,000 variations of touch up and spray paints, found.

The growing popularity of white cars is being fuelled by new pigment paints and quality finishes which mean white cars retain a forecourt garage look and surprisingly don’t show the dust and scratches as readily as darker colours.

They also have lower fuel bills, as the colour...

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