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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and some of us gearing up for serious romance, the nation’s single men might be heartened to learn that looks are less important than their ethics when it comes to impressing women.

So say over two thirds of the nations single women (67 per cent), responding to a charity survey published today, which shows that the ethical stance of a romantic partner is more important than their looks for many women. Men however, flag behind a little, with just 52 per cent agreeing that ethics are more important than looks. 1

And what is the best way to instantly impress an ethically minded partner on February 14th? Choose an ethical restaurant. When it comes to ethical food, research shows that animal welfare is highest on our list of priorities – with 40 per cent citing it as our greatest food concern. 2

The RSPCA’s Freedom Food, who commissioned the YouGov survey published today (February 9th), have the...

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