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First gastric pacemaker operations for obesity treatment occur in the UK

Harehill Park announces that the first implants of a new form of surgery in the UK for the treatment of obesity occurred at the Princess Grace Hospital, London using an Implantable Gastric Stimulator (IGS) called the Transcend .

Working with The Healthier Weight Centre, two patients each received an IGS for weight management.
Currently weight loss surgery involves putting tight bands around the stomach to reduce its size, or radical surgery, in which the stomach is stapled or by-passed to limit the amount of food that can be eaten. However these procedures can carry risks including infection, wound problems, band erosion, blood clots or in extreme cases, death.

In contrast the implantable gastric stimulator (IGS) has been shown to be very safe, with no reports of death or serious consequences.
It does not involve any cutting or restrictive approaches affecting the integrity of the stomach and offers a marked improvement upon the quality of life for patients following obesity surgery.
According to Scott Shikora, MD of Tufts-New England Medical Centre, Boston, Massacheusetts, USA,'It's remarkably complication free'. Weight is lost and kept off with the help of a follow-up programme.
The IGS consists of a small battery operated device implanted into the abdomen. A small wire connects the device to the stomach wall. Rather like a cardiac pacemmaker, which sends electrical impulses to the heart, the gastric stimulator delivers a small current to the stomach wall. The current is adjusted through a hand held computer by the doctor, which 'talks' to the pacemaker through a radio signal. Patients usually do not feel anything when the pacemaker is working. The key-hole surgery takes just about one hour and patients can be admitted as day cases.

'The gastric stimulator is an exciting new surgical development that offers quality of life to people following surgery. It is probably the most gentle and safest form of obesity surgery currently available', said Denise Rankin, Company Development Manager of Harehill Park ,which deals exclusively with obesity treatment.

In the UK, the incidence of obesity has trebled in the past twenty years with 21% of men and 24% of women considered to be clinically obese. It is estimated that if the current trend continues, 35% of the population will be obese in 6 years time.

The IGS is only available from Harehill Park . For further information contact : Denise Rankin
Company Development Manager, Harehill Park Ltd. Tel: 01625 666932 ;