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Kick-start your New Year

1 : Step back in time in the ancient preserved city of Ephesus whose Temple of Artemis was one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World.

2 : Rub shoulders with the rich and famous in Italy's chic Cinque Terre where pretty pastel-coloured houses cling vertiginously to the dark hillsides, their balconies affording stunning views across the turquoise bay.

3 : Taste wines in Barolo - even Julius Caesar stopped here to try some!

4 : Snorkel with sea lions off the red coral sands of the Galapagos.

5 : Hike the moonscapes of Chile's Atacama Desert, the driest place on earth.

6 : Discover 200-million year old petrified dinosaur bones in Argentina's snow-capped Patagonian Andes.

7 : Enjoy close encounters with tree frogs, iguanas, quetzals and spider monkeys as you uncover Costa Rica's unique natural...

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