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28th January 2014, Highgate, London. Established homecare company Health Professionals Homecare has a refreshing perspective to offer in light of the ongoing 15-minutes ‘conveyor belt’ care visit furore. Director of Nursing Michele Jogee says that it doesn’t have to be like this and even when a client is terminally ill, well-being and quality of life can be considerably improved with the right levels of care and companionship.

Jogee continues, “As a private homecare company, our fees are of course slightly higher than the £9.00 per hour or thereabouts which social care companies on the NHS preferred supplier list pay, but actually, not that much more when the levels of service are compared.” Health Professionals Homecare has, in particular, a London client case study which demonstrates how the right levels of care and companionship can do just that.

Mrs Subiotto was living in Rome, Italy when her health started to rapidly decline about two years’ ago....

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