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Cristiano Ronaldo Underworld Football game launched at Manchester United Megastore on Celljump's new MCP (Mobile Content Provider) for mobile phones


21 April 2007


PolarisSports and YDreams have today announced the launch of “Cristiano Ronaldo Underworld Football” mobile game on Celljump’s new MCP (Mobile Content Provider) for mobile phones.

The “Cristiano Ronaldo Underworld Football” MCP is a device which side-loads the game and other exclusive content, like parts of promotional adverts in which Cristiano Ronaldo has starred, directly onto mobile phones.
Available exclusively from Manchester United’s Megastore from Saturday 21 April 2007, the limited edition game was developed by YDreams. It will retail for £12.99.

Fans of Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays for Premier Division football club Manchester United and is reputedly one of the best players in the world, will be able to combine football and fantasy whilst playing the game. The character representing the international footballer and his fellow team-mates are given superpowers to take on a team of Underworld monsters in a game of football. The game draws on the best of fantasy games with monsters trying to tear the football star limb from limb, but it also incorporates Cristiano’s skills and personality in football.

Cristiano Ronaldo is enthusiastic about the game: “My character has all my football skills and a host of extra weapons and tricks to take on the monsters,” he said. “It is great fun to play.”
Oivind Horpestad, Chief Executive of Celljump commented: “The Cristiano Ronaldo Underworld Football Game is an exciting and challenging game, which has been made easily accessible to Ronaldo’s fans on our new MCP. Fans can select the game, or other exclusive content provided on the MCP and it will be transferred from the MCP to the mobile phone.”

Eduardo Djas, co-founder of YDreams said: “We see the advent the MCP as being an additional method of installing games onto mobiles that will open new channels to market for developers, content owners and brands alike.”

Luis Correia, Director of Gestifute enthusiastically endorsed this initiative: “This is a new way of extending the Ronaldo brand into the hands of the fans and we see this as being the start of a range of similar products not only from Ronaldo but from the other players under Gestifute’s management.”



Sue Heddon
Heddon Communications
tel: (+44) 01344 752092
mob: (+44) 07774 267280

Notes to editors:

1. Photos of Cristiano Ronaldo are available as jpeg files. Please contact Sue Heddon on

2. Review copies of the game are available on request. Please specify the make of phone on which the game is to be used.

About Celljump

Celljump is a company specialising in the development of intelligent solutions for the transfer of applications and content to mobile devices, and are pioneers in this field. Celljump has developed the MCP for the direct transfer of content without depending on operators and ‘Over the Air’ for delivery. The MCP intelligently and easily transfers content such as games, music videos and anti-virus software on to mobile phones, Smart Phones and wireless PDAs.

About YDreams Entertainment:

YDreams Entertainment develops and publishes entertainment solutions that include mobile and location-based games, mobile giant screen interaction and augmented reality applications. WE dare to break traditional boundaries by mixing addictive game play, digital artwork and advanced technology with innovative game formats and genres. We have been at the forefront of creative entertainment with numerous innovations in the mobile gaming industry, bringing exciting new experiences to games worldwide.

About Gestifute

Gestifute represents some of the greatest football talent in the world. Consequently, they created PolarisSports which handles the careers of professional athletes in areas that range from managing commercial image rights to personal branding, endorsing sports celebrities and organising sports-related events. PolarisSports offers a variety of solutions that allows the company to effectively promote the visibility and marketability of the athletes they represent.