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Julie Cook had been struggling with her need to eat chocolate for many years, using chocolate to cope with the day-to-day stresses of life and as comfort food when she was feeling down. She found it near impossible to control her cravings and realising that her weight and health were suffering. She knew she had to do something and turned to hypnotherapy for help.

On contacting counsellor and hypnotherapy expert Sharon Shinwell, Julie said “I have gained weight and also my self-confidence has taken a nose dive. I also have found that it has made me do sneaky things like pretend when buying lots of chocolate that it is a treat for my children but knowing full well that I would eat it all myself when on my own and they weren't around.”

Julie feels hypnotherapy has significantly changed her life, “I am a strong believer in trying to help yourself in making positive changes in your life. I feel I have succeeded in breaking a bad habit/addiction and am...

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