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Herringport Furniture, the epitome of bespoke kitchen design, manufacture and installation.

Bespoke kitchen range

Subtly located in one of the quaintest and idyllic parts of Norfolk, close to the border of Suffolk, you can discover the premises of Steve Grimmer, Proprietor of Herringport Furniture and a man of excellent skill and craftsmanship.

Fabricating a wonderfully bespoke range of handmade furniture, both freestanding and built in pieces that retain their natural beauty, Steve sources all materials locally, insisting on creating stunning kitchen furniture and additional pieces that are of the highest quality and attention to detail.

Recently, Steve was commissioned to create a bespoke kitchen within a high end compact flat in Peckham and the exact wishes expressed by the property owner. Following a closely guided plan, the exact requirements which included being modern, featuring all the mod cons and being easy to maintain all needed to be implemented within the design.

The request for solid wood to be used within the project enabled Herringport Furniture to excel at what they know best, how to gain the most beautiful aesthetic qualities from the finest material examples. The final choice was a superb combination of solid American walnut and white corian to deliver a result that presented the owner with oodles of sophistication within a constrained space of less than 3 metres in length.

Polished to an absolute high gloss finish, the results speak for the care and attention to detail that Steve lovingly puts into each and every piece that he creates, adding that, “understanding the required levels of custom, care and professionalism that my clients expect, Herringport Furniture as a business delivers the luxury and bespoke craftsmanship that is so very apparent in any piece that is commissioned.”

Every single consideration was discussed and implemented, with Herringport Furniture paying close attention to every aspect of this project, even down to the lined oak flooring that was professionally created to match the client’s request.

Already celebrated with the acclaim of providing outstanding bespoke bedrooms, fabulous freestanding kitchens, spice dressers and fitted kitchen ensembles amongst many more amazing pieces, Steve at Herringport Furniture is consistently creating some of the finest kitchen office and bedroom conversions, designing a wide range of items to suit the needs, exact requirements and preferences.

Discover the wonderful portfolio from Herringport Furniture today including the wonderful bespoke kitchen range and selection of additional solid wood cabinets and furniture that they so lovingly bring to life. Call today on 01493 442115 or visit the website at for a delightful visual introduction to a marvellous bespoke company.

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