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Contemporary excellence applied to a utility room, kitchen or bedroom with Herringport Furniture.

Belfast sink stand

Once more the master craftsmanship of a leading specialist bespoke furniture maker, Herringport Furniture has shone through, creating a selection of bespoke and high quality furniture pieces from 4poster beds to spice dressers and Belfast sink enclosures.

Producing a delightful range of unique, custom furniture in addition to those mentioned, the well established name that Steve Grimmer and Herringport Furniture have built, reflect the pure attention to detail and choice of the finest solid woods and materials used in the hand-made construction of every piece that is commissioned.

In one of the latest pieces to be hand built by Steve Grimmer at Herringport Furniture, we follow a story in which a client had called with a unique request for a stand to house a very luxurious and expensive Villeroy and Boch Belfast Sink, a delightful and rare example that was to be located within a utility room.

The material of choice requested by the client was for solid oak, a delightful and heavily robust wood that offers a depth of character and definition that is second to none and equal only to the build quality displayed by Herringport Furniture.

No stranger to designing, handcrafting and installing a range of unique pieces for the kitchen, bedroom, office or in this case utility room, Steve Grimmer is a man of serenity and pleasantness, which extrudes easily when liaising with him over any design you require.

Speaking of his experience with the client previous to designing the sink, Steve said, “Herringport Furniture was originally commissioned to design, build and install a bespoke handmade kitchens which was completed to our usual high standards.”

Continuing by adding: “Exceptionally happy with the results and after spending time searching for a suitable stand for the large ceramic Belfast sink he had purchased but finding none suitable, we were once again commissioned to build a simple design with more than adequate storage space for washing powders and other laundry detergents and cleaning products.”

With oak being a dense and hard wearing solid wood, there are many reasons why this made the fantastic choice, not only as it matched the existing decor and adjoining bespoke handmade kitchen previously installed but would easily provide the strength and stability to handle the displacement of the wonderful but heavy sink unit.

Presenting some of the finest crafted handmade furniture and bespoke pieces to match client’s exact requirements, Herringport Furniture offers a traditional touch of Norfolk fine furniture making to any commissioned kitchen or selected item, delivering a wonderful and captivatingly aesthetic choice for you.

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