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Solar Returns Calculator

Birmingham, UK, 10 Aug 2011: In a significant development for the UK solar PV industry, Hestia, a leading UK renewable energy company, today unveils a new solar PV online application. The SolarProspectorâ„¢ is a technologically advanced online tool for assessing the viability of installing solar PV on a roof - allowing both homeowners and professionals to visualise their installation and to assess the financial viability of installing solar panels on a roof.

SolarProspectorâ„¢ gives everyone the chance to see what their roof could be worth in solar earnings.

The user-friendly design of SolarProspectorâ„¢ represents a significant departure from existing market offers - giving all UK property owners the chance to assess earnings and savings from solar installations without having to commit to expensive surveys. Commercial, agricultural and residential properties can all be...

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