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Timepiece 1000s of times more accurate than any Swiss or Japanese watch

London, UK – 7th May 2013– Hoptroff, the London-based manufacturer of extraordinary watch movements, today announced a quantum leap in luxury timepiece for connoisseurs. The Hoptroff No. 10 movement, which is destined for the world’s first atomic-powered pocket watch, has started ticking for the first time. The result is a safe way to tell the time which is more accurate than any luxury mechanical or quartz watch ever produced.

Containing a highly accurate atomic clock, this first-of-a-kind thoroughly modern timepiece is not to be confused with radio-receiving watches, which have existed for decades. The No.10 actually contains a caesium gas chamber inside a temperature controlled oven, a laser to excite the atoms and a microwave resonator to measure their atomic transitions in order to measure time.
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