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With Christmas now less than 60 days away (*gulp*) we wanted to get in touch to let you know that Stars for Europe - the leading group of European poinsettia growers - is offering you everything you need to include poinsettia into your festive content this year.

Did you know.....a rainbow of poinsettia

As you will know, come the festive season stores are full of bright red poinsettias, with many of us adorning our tables with these colourful bracts. But did you know they also come in a rainbow of colour including yellow, cream, white and pink? With so much choice, poinsettias are perfect for all manner of festive decor designs, whether its the traditional red and gold, or more contemporary neon brights!

What is on offer?

Whether you are looking for editorial content, interior design ideas, craft ideas to make this Christmas the perfect handmade dream, social media content or simply require product to dress sets or for photoshoots, then we have everything you need.

The following links provide you with access to a world of inspirational content and a stunning image library - all of which you are able to optimise through your own channels.

Of course, we are also open to discussing collaborations, sampling, competitions and giveaways! So if any of those sound like something you might be interested in please do not hesitate to reach out and let me know - I'm here, ready and waiting to assist you however I can.

Where you need to visit

To see all the latest press material please visit: https://www.christmas-star.info/inspiration/

For all the latest stunning images please visit:https://www.starsuniteeurope.eu/en/image-database/

Content includes craft ideas such as table decor and advent calendar, tip tips for keeping poinsettia looking their best, info on latest colours, and everything in between. All press releases are available for immediate use, whilst PDF and Word versions can be requested from me directly.

Get in touch!

For further information on anything else 'poinsettia' please contact me directly by emailing kimberley@hornbywhitefootpr.co.uk or call 07851 610573.

Thank you!