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Amazing New Kegel8 Trainer

We girls all know we have to do our kegels, right?   But locating those pesky muscles can be well nigh impossible.  You’re never quite sure that you’re exercising the right ones.
Well, Kegel 8  (, the UK’s No.1 on-line retailer for pelvic floor exercisers, are really excited about their new device.   It’s a cunning solution that eliminates all the Kegel guess work that makes manual Kegel exercise a bit hit and miss.  Their brand new, state of the art  Kegel8 Trainer even includes an ingenious Squeeze Scale to help you monitor your progress as well as a probe that makes sure you flex the right muscles. 
Unlike other muscle stimulation devices in the range, the Kegel8 Trainer is designed to help with manual Kegel exercises and is the ideal solution women of all ages for all sorts of reasons:  
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