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Panacea Group CEO defends its public sector clients and cites inescapable bureaucracy as hampering the pace of cuts, ahead of the Comprehensive Spending Review

LONDON, 18 October 2010 – Panacea Group, a firm of efficiency consultants that works with the public sector, has written to David Cameron and Sir Philip Green in defence of its clients. It argues that the public sector has been misrepresented in the debate about public sector spending and points to legislation that is hampering the goal of making timely reductions in expenditure. Panacea’s CEO agrees that there is scope to make substantial savings, but contends that Sir Philip Green’s analysis of potential savings shows an apparent lack of understanding about public versus private sector change. It cites experience of working with public sector organisations through protracted legislative processes as evidence of the difficulties in effecting rapid savings.

Rachel Wynne, CEO of Panacea Group,...

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