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Alsbridge Inc., has announced an expansion of its UK operations in order to meet what it says is a surge in local demand for its sourcing advisory and network and benchmarking services.

“The UK and Northern Europe market for IT, network and business process sourcing is one of the most advanced, vibrant and competitive in the world,” said Homan Haghighi, Director of Alsbridge and head of the new London office. “The decision to expand our operations here is a mark of Alsbridge’s long-term commitment to delivering insight, innovation and value to clients in the UK, mainland Europe and the Nordic countries.”

London-based Alsbridge Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary that will operate alongside the already operational office Alsbridge GmbH in Frankfurt. Alsbridge says that the UK operation will draw on the company’s extensive proprietary data sets of global sourcing contracts to provide a full range of benchmarking and network services as well as...

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